Competitive talent is essential regardless of the fluctuations in employment.

Kathy Schenck, Principal

Fortified with 20 years in the search business, I know the most important search is the one that we perform together.

With experience as a hiring authority, an MBA from the University of Houston plus professional continuous education, my own career has evolved from human resources at an international offshore drilling company to the search profession. This move, made during a challenging economic time, provided best practices and lessons that I value today.

What is my secret? Each time I hear a less-than-satisfactory remark about my profession in search, I vow to perform at a higher standard. I engage different strategies, priorities and parameters to discover hidden talent and opportunities. I treat clients the way I want to be treated.

Recruiting is personal. It is your team or your career at an important juncture. When you convey to me your goals and how you want to accelerate, I can impact the next chapter in your organization’s story.

It is my privilege to work with you, to help in your success. I look forward to discussing your important objectives.

Thank you for considering our services.

Kathy Schenck